You Can’t Sell through Social Media



“You can’t sell through social media” is the refrain of social media early adopters who remember “the good old days” of social media, before Facebook had ads and all the spammers realized how powerful and inexpensive the medium could be.
Today, this myth is dead.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Dell has sold more than $3 million in PCs and accessories through Twitter promotions and other activity on the micro-blogging service.  Local food trucks successfully use Twitter to broadcast their whereabouts and restaurants promote themselves using location-based applications like FourSquare or Gowalla.

These examples of social media sales success do not mean that you should go out and broadcast all your latest sales promotions to everyone you can reach through social media. Rather, it means that if you put the right message in front of the right person in the right social medium, sales happen.

Take DellOutlet, for example.  The store, which sells returned or refurbished computers at a discount, now has more than 1.5 million followers, and representatives use it to advertise Twitter-only deals (For example, “20% off any Dell Outlet Printer. Enter at checkout: 06G$WMFPKXPCT8 – Exp 6/2 or after 1st 500 redemptions”).

If you engage your audience with offers that are targeted, timely, and valuable, you can achieve social media sales success as well.

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