Wine for Women: A Study in Target Marketing

Wine GlassAccording to "Wine for Women: A Guide to Buying, Pairing and Sharing Wine," nearly 64 percent of all wine consumers are women.  So, why don’t wine producers target women with marketing campaigns?  The unfortunate answer?  They are too busy doing what they have been doing for countless previous decades — marketing wine to men.

Some quick marketing analysis would yield a mother-lode of information on which wine producers could base successful marketing campaigns.  Studies have shown that women are:

  • Less focused than men on wine ratings, vintage charts and the buying process
  • More interested in personal recommendations and who will be sharing the wine
  • Interested in wine to commemorate a milestone or compliment a special meal

With even the smallest consideration of these characteristics, wine producers (and their ad agencies) could craft more successful ad campaigns targeted at the majority of their consumers:  women.

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