Will Podcasts Last?

So many fads, so little time.  Take podcasts, for example.  Despite the profusion of people going around with little white headphones in their ears, are podcasts here to stay or just a passing fancy.

Right now, we technoscenti talk about podcasts as a technology, much the way we talked about the Internet as a technology in the early 90s.  Face it, the masses aren’t into technology.  How many homes have VCRs blinking 12:00 … 12:00 … 12:00?  The only way podcasts will survive is if we marketers stop thinking of podcasts as a technology and start thinking of them as an entertainment and educational service – like personal radio or TV, where the listener picks the programming.

The Internet became ubiquitous because with more modern browser, Google, and high bandwidth connections it moved from the realm of the truly technical to the masses — now even your grandmother is on-line.  Will the same thing happen with podcasts?  Only if they become simpler to find, load, and play, and only if we marketers begin to create compelling content to which people will want to listen.

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