Whitehouse Marketing

With all sorts of public relations fiascos lately, the White House certainly needs to embrace some simple corporate marketing techniques:  codify your messaging, define your messaging in words that your mother can understand, and communicate your messaging consistently through all communications channels.

The messaging from the White House about Iraq has been a moving target.  We attacked them because Saddam was a bad man.  No, we attacked them because they had weapons of mass destruction.  No, we attacked them because they aided terrorists.  No, we attacked them because we wanted to keep the terrorist occupied there instead of here in our own bakyard.

Now, whatever your political ideology (that is, whether you believe Bush and his cronies or not), the corporate marketing lesson is this:  narrow down your messaging to a finite list of finalists, test your messages, and then go with your message full force through all channels.  Don’t change horse mid-stream simply because you happen to be bored with what you are saying.  Chances are you are bored, but your audience is not.  Whiel it may not be politically correct to say so, Goering was right:  That which is repeated loud enough and long enough becomes truth.

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