What’s Your Cost Per Click?

Cost Per ClickPaid search advertising.  Everyone’s doing it.  And you should too.  But to be successful, you need to be aware of the current cost per click on the top search pages and not get carried away with your bidding.

On the auction-based Yahoo! ad network, the maximum cost per click for the keyword "hybrid" was recently $0.65, and bidding for the keyword "SUV" hit a remarkable $2.30.  With traditional media like print, outdoor, and TV failing to deliver "eyeballs," advertisers are desperate for Web surfers who might be looking for their products or services.

To be sure, on-line advertising should be a well-used tool in your marketing arsenal.  However, be sure to keep track of your budget, analyze your results, and don’t get caught up in overbidding for clicks.  Bidding $2.30 for a click on SUV seems a little outrageous – it seems like there is a new "irrational exuberance," and it is coming from spend-thrift marketing departments who are desperate not to get left behind. 

Be smart.  Use on-line advertising, but don’t let it use you.

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