Web Design: Simplicity is Key

The answer to great Web design lies in simplicity.  Uncomplicated designs consistently deliver better results.  Wanting to “show off,” many Web designers create complex pages, rather than ones that are effortless to use for site visitors.

Your site visitors only have a limited attention span.  If you fill a Web page with unnecessary “stuff,” your visitors’ finite attention will be spent on the “stuff,” not on your content.  If your Web site design includes elements that are pretty and appealing, but do nothing to help conversion, they will draw users’ attention away from the elements that lead to success.  Reducing the unnecessary “stuff” on your pages will increase the success of your pages.

Simple Web design helps you guide your visitors’ attention.  It leads them to exactly where to go next to find what they want.  It eliminates distraction and gives them tips that tell them they’re in the right place.  Uncomplicated Web design helps keep your users focused on your content—not the packaging—and on the next steps you want them to take.

To achieve the most effective Web design—one that will make it effortless for your visitors to find the content you need them to find—employ the following ideas:

  • Look at your web site through the eyes of a first-time visitor
  • Concentrate on the content that your visitors need to see—and not what they don’t
  • Be aggressive when selecting which content to include—and what to exclude
  • Ensure that every page on your site screams out to your visitor with the content that you need them to find
  • Arrange content for maximum effectiveness:  Use the inverted pyramid:  put the main content at the top of the page
  • Be sure you include a navigation paradigm that makes your site easy to use
  • Use typography to increase the readability of your site so visitors can find the information that want

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