Video Killed the Radio Star

Is your company leveraging video to reach your target audience?  If not, perhaps you need to embrace the hottest way of reaching your clients, perhaps you need to enter the 21st century.

Despite what its detractors say, video is starting to get worthwhile:  videoconferencing, ad hoc videocasts, and training videos are only a few of the uses that are rapidly growing in popularity.

Before you as a marketer decide to embrace your inner Scorsese, a few things you should keep in mind are:

  • Less is more:  Just because you can grab a digital video camera, fire it up, and wax rhapsodic about your new product does not mean you should. Video can enhance employee training and capture new clients, but use it sparingly.  Too much of a good thing is not always better:  sometimes, less is more.
  • Video ain’t free:  Despite the fact that you can grab your $499 digital video camera and shoot with wild abandon, your prodigious use of video will mean that your company will need to increase IT spend for network infrastructure, storage, security, and a host of other things.  Do the math:  Is your Oscar moment delivering enough business benefit to overcome the additional systems cost?

Yes, video is popular and real.  But just because you can does not mean that you should. Evaluate the business benefits of your use of video and weigh the direct and indirect costs.  Then you can make your own decision.

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