Up the Loyalty Ladder

The book “Up the Loyalty Ladder” by Murray Raphel and Neil Raphel provides a metaphor for customer behavior called the “loyalty ladder.”  According to the book, the goal of successful customer relationship management is to move a customer up the ladder from simply being aware that the brand exists, to placing the brand in a set that it is acceptable to choose, to adopting the brand as a favorite in that set, to ultimately adoring the brand and the customer experience it provides – and seeking it out exclusively.

The loyalty ladder is a representation of the fundamental marketing tenet that how customers feel drives what they do.  It represents a customer’s vital emotional connection that creates loyalty, and this emotional connection is captured in the idea of brand equity – the perceptions and attitudes about a brand that a customer develops over time.

So, given this metaphor for customer loyalty, Marketing builds brands that help consumers move “up the loyalty ladder,” which drives top line revenue growth, cash flow, and shareholder value.

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