From Twitter: Steps for Using Twitter for Business

  • Twtr 4 Bus: Step 1-Listen first then tweet. Search 4 yr company, competitors & industry #
  • Twtr 4 Bus: Step 2-Be sure to tweet about your audiences’ interests, not just hit people over the head with the same old marketing messages. #
  • Twtr 4 Bus: Step 3-Don’t be all-business-all-the-time; post _some_ personal tweets. The audience needs to know you are human too. #
  • Twtr 4 Bus: Step 4-What to tweet? Ask questions about trends, new product ideas & competitors. You can gain insight into what people think. #
  • Twtr 4 Bus: Step 5-Don’t just tweet about your company/products. Post items about industry trends, interesting articles & how-to info. #
  • Twtr 4 Bus: Step 6-When you tweet about your company/product, make it useful & interesting. Post how-to advice, product usage tips & photos. #
  • Twtr 4 Bus: Step 7-Commenting on others’ tweets & retweeting posts builds community. And removes the onus of crafting new tweets from you. #
  • Twtr 4 Bus: Step 8-Instead of answering “What are you doing?” answer the question “What are you thinking?” or “What is important to you?” #
  • Twtr 4 Bus: Step 9-Don’t overwhelm your followers. Tweeting too often will make each tweet less valuable to your audience. #
  • Twtr 4 Bus: Step 10-Remember to have fun. #

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