The World of Whitepapers

Most marketing organizations churn out whitepapers by the boat load.  But few have established best practices for this age-old stand-by piece of sales collateral.

Whitepapers are not tactical sales collateral.  Rather, they are strategic documents designed to educate the reader.  Their goal is to build the credibility of your company, to set your company up as a thought leader, or to establish that your product or service is the best way for a prospective client to address a specific problem or challenge.

Rather than be a mechanism to blow your own horn, whitepapers should be “impartial,” including references from respected analyst organizations or industry media.  They should include a fair assessment of the current issue you are addressing, an analysis of a number of potential solutions, and a summation of why your solution is optimal.

If your organization finds itself in need of a whitepaper, following these guidelines will ensure success.  If you find that you need help in the process, consulting a professional marketing firm can bring expertise and structure to your project and help you get the result you need.

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