The “Secret” of Marketing: Know Your Audience

Warren BuffetEven the famous Warren Buffet can learn marketing techniques.  And from the most unusual sources.  Having recently agreed to be featured in an animated TV show intended to educate kids about money, he learned from a group of fifth graders that one way to get kids’ attention was to talk about something "secret."  The title of his new show?  The Secret Millionaire’s Club.

What does this mean for the rest of us marketers who are not "secret millionaires," but would like to be?  Know your audience.  While talking to a group of children, the Oracle of Omaha got the information he needed to come up with a title for his show that would grab the attention of his target audience.  By knowing your target audience, you can uncover similar nuggets of gold. 

With the advent of sophisticated market research techniques and the profusion of experts in reaching and eliciting information from your target customers (for example, market research firm International Orange Strategies), there is no excuse to operate in the dark.  Get out there and get information from the field – you may be surprised at some of the "secrets" you find.

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