The Keys to Finding the Best Keywords

The keywords you first think of might not be the best for search engine optimization (SEO).  If you take the time to find the perfect keywords for your Web site, you’ll save a lot of time and money and get better results.

The keywords with the biggest search volume are often very general one-word keywords that won’t bring visitors that are interested in what you have to offer. For example, if you sell vintage movie memorabilia in Plainville then the keyword “movie” may bring you traffic, but not the traffic you want.

If you have been targeting single-word keywords, consider a recent RankStat report that indicates that 85 percent of search queries contain more than one word.  In addition, 82 percent of search engine users refine their search using the same search engine they used for their initial search, but adding more keywords on subsequent searches.

To take advantage of these findings, target not only a few short, broad terms in your search engine marketing campaign, but also a multitude of longer, more specific keyword phrases. With very targeted key phrases, the more likely it is that a person who searches for that key phrase will buy something on your site.  Longer, more specific keyword phrases will deliver more qualified traffic and higher conversion rates. While each ultra-specific keyword may generate little traffic and few conversions, taken as a whole your ultra-specific keyword phrases will pay off—big time.

Your keyword phrases must be common enough that people actually use them, but unique enough to generate highly qualified traffic.  In our example, it would be better to use “movie memorabilia” or “vintage movie memorabilia Plainville”. These key phrases will deliver better results: they will bring you visitors interested in what you offer and in turn increase your sales.

When selecting key word or key phrases, it’s also important to know the searchers’ motivation. While the key phrase “movie memorabilia Hollywood” might be more popular than the key phrase “movie memorabilia Plainville,” it’s obvious that the second key phrase will work better for you in our example.  Try to find key phrases that indicate that searchers are motivated and ready to act. Select key phrases that would be used by people who want to buy, rather than key phrases that are used by people who are looking for information.

Key phrases also deliver another benefit:  multi-word key phrases usually contain other keywords. You’ll automatically optimize your Web pages for the single-word parts of long key phrases.

If you carefully choose your key words and key phrases before you start with your SEO work, your budget will go farther and you will get better results.

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