The Key to Compelling Value Propositions

Without a compelling, customer-focused value proposition any marketing campaign will fall flat.

Sure your product “increases sales” or “decreases costs,” but how much?  Be explicit.  Use metrics.  How much does it increase sales?  How much does it reduce costs?  Be exact. The more specific your numbers, the more compelling and believable your value proposition will be.

  • Use industry statistics – Tap into research from analyst organizations to boost your credibility.
  • Extend existing internal metrics – Use exiting data from internal programs such as Six Sigma or other quality-type initiatives
  • Engage new clients to help with measurement If you’re confident that your product or service will deliver positive business results, ask new clients to help gather metrics.  Assist them in benchmarking their existing situation.  Then, after they use your solution, help them measure again to determine whether their investment in your offering made a difference.  Not only will you get credible data, you will really prove your value to your client.

By using statistics, you strengthen your value proposition, making it more compelling to decision-makers.

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