The Importance of Printed Marketing Materials

Many marketers have moved almost exclusively to electronic communication of their message—email, PDFs, social media, online advertising—and think printed marketing materials are “old school.” While electronic media is important, your business needs to continue to make its mark with printed collateral.

Printed collateral has multitudes of enduring uses that continue long after the emails have been deleted or the tweets discard:  tradeshows, direct mailings, and for sales people to use as “leave behinds” to tell the story of your company and products.

Just as your electronic communication must reflect positively on your company, your printed collateral must also represent your business accurately and professionally.  Some types of printed materials to consider are:

  • Business system — Business cards, letterhead, and envelopes allow you to respond inquiries quickly and professionally
  • Product data sheet – Communicate your key messages in an easy-to-read, graphically compelling manner
  • Postcard – Break from the email campaign du jour with an old fashioned postcard.  A well-executed campaign is inexpensive and can be effective.

No matter what pieces of collateral you produce, you should choose a clean, clear layout that attracts attention and underscores your brand.  Your marketing pieces should be compelling, communicating your product’s benefits to prospective clients as well as your competitive differentiators.

Printed materials are still essential marketing tools. They have a staying power not found in electronic communication. With professionally produced business cards, brochures, data sheets, and postcards, your prospective clients will “hear” your company’s message for a long time to come.

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