Ten Steps to Effective Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are both the bane and boon of marketers.  If your site ranks high in the more popular search engines, visitors will flock to your site.  If you can’t convince search engines that your site is important, your site will go undiscovered by your prospects. 

Unfortunately, the Web is not a “build it and they will come” field of dreams.  To say the least, constructing your site with search engine optimization in mind is a prerequisite.  However, despite the importance of designing a Web site to ensure good search engine ranking, it is important to remember that the primary audience for your Web site is your prospects and clients.  Fortunately, if your visitors like your Web site, there is a very good chance that search engines will, too.

These 10 tips will help you develop your site to impress both your visitors as well as search engines.

  • Select keyword phrases carefully
  • Optimize every page
  • Optimize page titles
  • Optimize page content
  • Cultivate inbound links
  • Label links and images
  • Make your site spider-friendly
  • Post new content continuously
  • Don’t try to trick search engines
  • Offer unique content

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