Strive for Clean Design

Whether you are creating a brochure, a resume, a Web page, or an event invitation, its basic purpose is to convey information to your audience.  Your creation must help your audience answer questions like “Do I care?” and more importantly “Why should I care?” and most importantly “What’s in it for me?”  Embracing the principles of clean design will make anything you create more effective.

Clean design helps your audience find and consume information with less conscious effort.  Clean design allows the brain’s visual thinking capabilities to make correct assumptions about how the different bits of content are organized and about what’s relevant. Clean design works because visual thinking is quicker (and easier) for people than conscious, step-by-step, logical thinking.

But what is “clean design”?  Most succinctly: a clean design is one that supports visual thinking so your audience can get information with a minimum of conscious effort.  In other words, clean design conveys information without making your audience think.

In future posts, we will explore the principles of clean design so you can increase the efficacy of your creations and get your audience to easily consume the information you want them to.

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