Sprint & Nextel Join Forces, Change Faces

New Sprint LogoNot to be left out of the telecommunications merger craze (See the previous Marketing Matters posting, "A New Logo for Ma Bell."), Sprint and Nextel have recently joined forces.  Although the combined firm kept the Sprint name, the powers that be decided that the new entity required a new logo.

Old Sprint LogoWhile the italic typeface used for the "Sprint" name in the old logo used to indicate motion, the new typeface brings Sprint to a dead stop.  And, although the campaign is long past, the new logo "bug" sure is reminiscent of the old "Pin Drop" ads.  Perhaps the advertising team and the logo team should have compared notes …

Nextel LogoThe only thing remaining from the old Nextel logo is the yellow.  Perhaps there really wasn’t that much to the company after all.  Or perhaps, Sprint is trying to claim the color yellow now that Kodak has given it up with its own recent logo change.

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