Solution Marketing?

"Solution" has got to be the most overused word in marketing today. 

Based on a review of current collateral fom high technology companies, overuse of the word "solution" stems from a number of factors:

  • Lack of understanding product features:  Many times marketers don’t fully understand the technology and cannot clearly articulate the features and benefits. 
  • Lack of understanding of prospects’ needs:  Often marketers have not done research to define the needs of their prospects.

Referring to "solutions" enables marketers to gloss over their lack of understanding of the product or their prospects’ needs.  However, by doing this, marketers miss the opportunity to explain what the product is, what it does, and how it will benefit their prospects.

Marketers should work hard to understand their products or services.  Interview engineers, ask questions, read the Web, and talk to experts until you fully understand the product or service. 

When you have obtained the background information, you can incorporate it into your marketing messaging and materials.  Your hard work will allow you to successfully explain what your product is and how it benefits your customer.  You will be able to answer questions about features and benefits and differentiate yourself from the competition and ultimately increase sales.

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