Sell the Offer, Not the Product

Punchy, effective copy that sells an offer, rather than your product, is the key to an effective lead generation campaign.  To boost your lead gen effectiveness, ensure that your lead gen campaign entices your audience with a relevant offer, rather than lists the features or benefits of your product.

Consider the following product-centric lead gen example:

Sarb-Ox? ISO2001? BS7799/ISO17799? Acme V2.0 streamlines your IT infrastructure. Acme helps you enter, track, and analyze service requests and offers numerous reports to assist in documenting compliance. And Acme’s on-line, comprehensive data repository enables permanent storage of all request data.
Get a FREE IT help desk assessment tool, ITAdvisor, today!

Now, rather than sell the product, sell the offer:

FREE IT HELP DESK ASSESSMENT. Discover whether your IT Help Desk conforms to
industry best practices. Register on-line for Acme’s FREE ITAdvisor HELP Desk
assessment, and learn instantly whether your IT HELP Desk and other key IT components comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO2001 and more. It takes less than 2 minutes and the information is free. Act now:

Which one would you respond to?

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