Search Engine Marketing Matters More than Ever

A few years ago, AOL inadvertently released search data that includes 20 million web queries from 650,000 AOL users over a three month period.  The data includes all searches from those users, whether the users clicked on a result, what that result was, and where it appeared on the result page.

While this data is now a few years old, it bears revisiting as it still contains useful information for web marketers.

  • Results Page Matters – Of the AOL users tracked, 91.63 percent clicked on the results on the first result page. Only 4.49 percent clicked a result from the second result page, 2.19 percent clicked a result on the third result page, and even fewer users searched beyond the first three result pages.
  • Rank on Results Page Matters More – The AOL data also proves that the first entry in the search results is by far the best:  the first result was clicked on by 47.16 percent of the users.

Even a few years later, the AOL data underscores the importance of being listed on the first result page, and even further points out the importance of being the number one result.  Still today search engine marketing matters:  cranking up your search engine marketing and snagging a top slot on the first results page will most certainly boost your business.

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