Resourceful by Nature

ADM LogoIn a bid to capitalize on both the green movement and the rise in energy prices, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) recently changed its tagline from "Supermarket to the World" to "Resourceful by Nature."  With this change, ADM expands its brand from that of solely a food provider ("supermarket") to a provider of resources of all kinds.

The move links ADM to the soul-of-the-earth farmers and their crops that its ads portray and to the products that feed and fuel the world.  With this new tag line and ad campaign, ADM aims to be the company that feeds and fuels the world. 

While this is a Herculean goal, the lesson for marketers is clear:  link yourself not only to one of today’s topical issues, but also to the greater good of mankind.  Well-executed, this strategy can pay off for ADM and could potentially pay off for you.

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