PR Rules in the Web Age

We have all heard that the Web changes everything.  PR is no exception.  In the days of hard copy publishing, marketers wrote news releases only for the media and only when "big news" was happening.  In the Web age, news releases are no longer just for media:  they are another tool in your marketing tool box.

The following are six keys to taking advantage of this inexpensive marketing technique in today’s connected environment:

  • Don’t write and disseminate superfluous news releases, but invent good reasons to send news releases often, not only when "big news" is happening
  • Target journalists with some news release; target prospects with others
  • You don’t have to put every release "on the wire" — exposure on your Web site is fine for the less important releases
  • Educate your sales force about how to use news releases as sales tools
  • Embed Web search keywords in your news releases
  • Ensure news releases on your Web site contain links to appropriate pages on your Web site
  • Optimize news releases for searching and browsing on the Web

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