Podcasting … The Democratization of Broadcasting

iPodBusiness 2.0 calls podcasting the "democratization of broadcasting" because essentially anyone with a computer and a microphone can be an Internet radio talk show host and build an worldwide audience.  Even the staunchly traditional BBC has started podcasting the series "In Our Time." But what does this mean for us marketers?  Podcasting, while avant garde and cool, is not for everyone.

Certainly the lure of podcasting is strong: 

  • Podcasting "casts" you as an innovator on the cutting edge of things
  • Audio commentary injects a human element not found on the typical Web site
  • Adding a voice to your Web site allows people connect with your business on "human" basis

Despite these advantages, when considering whether podcasting is for you, be aware that your listeners are busy – they have a limited amount of time to listen to audio content, and they can’t skim podcasts like they do blogs.

If you do decide to forge ahead, the following are some ideas for your inaugural show:

  • Interview industry thought leaders
  • Provide a "Tip of the Day"
  • Offer late-breaking industry news

Whether just your friends or millions of industry practitioners subscribe to your podcast, remember to have fun.

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