Pepsi Puts the Fizz Back in Its Brand

Pepsi LogoIn an attempt to sweeten soft drink sales, which have lagged in recent years as demand for healthier beverage options grows, Pepsi is launching a “global brand re-style.”  The soft drink maker is wholly changing its brand and packaging to ensure it stays relevant to the growing youth market in the US and abroad.

New Pepsi PackagingHaving changed its look only 10 times over the last 109 years, Pepsi Cola’s packaging will change more than 35 times this year.  Bottles and cans will feature images of sports, music, fashion and cars in an attempt to target teens and young adults, a growing and lucrative market segment.

Pepsi’s re-branding is spurred by lackluster sales of carbonated soft drinks in North America, which fell two percent in 2006.

Despite flagging sales in the overall category, Pepsi, which touts itself as “The Joy of Cola,” has been showing Coca-cola that “The Coke Side of Life” is not all fizz and bubbles.  We shall see if this global re-branding enables Pepsi to continue its gains … watch and learn.

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