Optimize Internal Links to Boost Page Rank



High Google page ranks are the goal of every marketer, and optimizing your web page content is the first step in achieving this elusive goal.  Savvy marketers know that need to tune title tags, web page content, and links from other sites.  But few spend time on optimizing the internal link structure—even though it has a big impact on the rankings of your site.

Even though internal links do not count as much as links from external sites, they are still important to search engines.  Search engines consider links—both internal and external—as votes. By optimizing the internal link structure on your web pages, you can lead search engines to the important pages of your site and you can show the keywords for which you want to get high rankings.

Optimize the Main Navigation

Since the main navigation appears on all pages of your site, it is the most important part of your internal linking.  To take advantage of the ubiquity of your main navigation, make sure that its links contain your most important keywords.  Since Flash is all but “invisible” to search engines, avoid Flash-based menus.

Use Breadcrumb Navigation for Sub-Pages

Breadcrumb navigation (for example, Home > Services > Web Design > Mobile) can help search engines to put the sub-pages of your site in the right context.  Be sure to use descriptive and keyword-rich terms in your breadcrumb navigation: Bike shop > Mountain Bikes > Buy Mountain Bikes > RockHopper Deals

Optimize the First Link on the Page

Google gives higher weight to the text of the first link instance of a link on a page.   For example, if page A links to page B with the anchor text “Read More” on the top of the page and with the anchor text “Buy RockHopper Mountain Bikes” at the bottom of the page, then Google will give more weight to the first anchor text.  If you link to a page more than once, make sure that the first link on the page contains the keywords for which you want to get high rankings.

Using these simple techniques to optimize the internal link structure of your website can dramatically boost your search engine rankings.

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