New Logo for Ma Bell

New AT&T LogoSBC recently acquired AT&T and made the smart decision to keep the venerable AT&T name and all the brand equity that goes with it.  To mark the merger, the telecommunications giant has adopted a new logo.

Old AT&T LogoJokingly referred to by some as "The Death Star," the old AT&T logo has undergone a transformation.  The "globe" has now become semi-transparent, and the typeface has changed to a more youthful lowercase.  While the new "bug" may be hard to reproduce in some media, it helps the new AT&T shirk off the stodgy patina of old age and gain a new, more modern look.

Perhaps your company needs to take the lead from the new AT&T and update its look.  It may be a little early for Spring cleaning, but it may never be too early to spruce up your corporate image.

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