McDonald’s McNew Promotions

McDonald's LogoBeen to a McDonald’s lately?  I have.  Yes, I saw "Supersize Me," and I know we are supposed to avoid fast food like the plague, but sometimes when you are starving, it is the only option.  On my recent visit, I noticed that McDonald’s has totally revamped the visual presentation of its in-store promotions and menu.  No more McClutter.  Now its McClean, McConcise, and McCrisp.

McDonald’s new in-store promotions can serve as a lesson for us all.  Done well, in-store promos can entice customers to purchase more goods or try more services, leading to increased profitability and market share.  This is especially true as your customers are increasingly overwhelmed by a myriad of advertising messages in today’s cluttered environment.

So, when designing you next in-store promotions, you may want to follow in McDonald’s footsteps: stick to the same typeface and colors, have schedules of when signage is to be put up and taken down, and use clear, clean imagery that reinforces your brand.

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