Lessons from Super-Sunday

BudLight Magic FridgeMagic fridges, cave men, Whopperettes, and streaking sheep.  It must be time for Superbowl ads.

This year advertisers shelled out a record $2.5 million for each 30-second time slot — that’s $83,333 per second.  With all that dough being spent, someone had better come out on top …

The winner, despite slumping suds sales, was Anheuser-Busch.  With its "Magic Fridge" ad for BudLight, A-B claimed the top ad spot for the eighth consecutive year.  Was it because they embraced special effects that  cause ads to cost upwards of $1 million to make?  Was it because they relied on sex, undue violence or locker room humor?  Or was it simply because A-B’s ads were just plain funny?

Since the other contenders lacked laughs, didn’t pluck the heartstrings, or were short on new ideas, the answer is clearly the later — A-B’s ad agency just "gets it."  They talked to their customers and actually listened.  They didn’t ignore non-core customers (for example, women). They delivered humor and told their story in many different ways.

What’s the lesson for those of us who may not have the mega-bucks to throw at a mega-million dollar campaign?  Leaving the high price of this particular airtime aside, good ideas beat special effects and high production costs every time.


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