Kodak Develops New Image

New Kodak LogoIn an effort to update one of the world’s most venerable brands, Kodak has recently adopted a new logo.  Eschewing the "Big K" formerly used in its "bug" and dropping its signature yellow, Kodak is taking a big chance with its brand.

Old Kodak LogoCertainly Kodak needs to modernize its image: it has had the same logo since 1971.  However, gambling away all the brand equity it has built up over the years in its use of yellow — all while the company is struggling to adapt to the new age of digital photography — is like playing roulette with the crown jewels.

To be sure, its old logo is indelibly tied to the film age, and the company needed to change.  However, only time will tell if the new logo, and the company, can survive in the digital age.

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