Keys to Direct Mail/EMail Success

Despite the spate of interest in search engine optimization, email newsletter sponsorships, and other new ways to get in fornt of your prospects, direct mail/email is still where it’s at. Direct mail/email sales letters let you get your message in front of a highly targeted audience at a reasonable cost.

But how can you ensure the success of your mail/email campaign?  As they say on TV, "your mileage may vary," but the following is a list of key factors developed through experience in numeorus client engagements:

  • List:  You might have the best product or service in the world, but if you offer it to the wrong group of prospects, your campaign is doomed.
  • Product or service messaging:  Is your messaging focused on prospects’ needs rather than product features?  Is it tight, with little jargon and even fewer acronyms?  Is it compelling with facts and statistics to back up your claims?
  • Lead offer:  What are you offering the recipient?  Is your offer compelling enough to entice them to give you their contact data?
  • Copy:  To maximize the return on your direct mail investment, write punchy, brief copy using vivid images that communicate your message.

Concentrate on these four areas, and your direct mail/email campaigns will certain to be successful.

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