Jumpstart Your Web Marketing in 2006

Now that you have gotten over your hangover from New Year’s Eve, start 2006 off by making some resolutions about your Web marketing.  If your company is like most, your Web site is out of shape, your Web marketing lacks direction, and your search engine ranking could be better.

Here are ten ideas to jump start your Web marketing in 2006:

  • Set up a Web marketing budget:  Determine what percentage of your overall marketing budget you will spend on Web marketing.
  • Audit your Web site:  Ensure that your content is current.  Make sure your Web site reflects your current messaging and visual identity.  Put a plan in place to ensure "fresh" content throughout the year.  Does your Web site reinforce your brand?  Do all your links work?  Review your Web site log files/traffic reports to determine if your navigation needs to be updated.
  • Read industry blogs:  Download a newsreader or set up a free account at Bloglines. Searches at Technorati or BlogCatalog to find blogs that are relevant to you.  Read the blogs of your competition and your clients.
  • Start blogging:  A blog is a great way to connect with prospects and clients.
  • Subscribe to your competitors’ email newsletters:  Be aware what your competition is saying to prospects.
  • Start/jumpstart your email newsletter:  If you’re not publishing an email newsletter you’re missing out on one of the most cost-effective Web marketing tools.  Use an Email Service Provider (ESP) like Constant Contact to manage your subscriber list and publish an eNewsletter regularly. If you’re already publishing an eNewsletter, try some campaigns to increase your subscriber base.
  • Read industry discussion boards:  By reading these posts, you can get an understanding of your prospects and their needs. Post responses to establish yourself and your company as an expert.  Create links that drive traffic to your Web site.
  • Listen to industry podcasts:  Understand how podcasting works and how other companies, including your competition, use it.
  • Submit by-lined articles to article directories:  Increase your search engine rankings by increasing the number of quality incoming links to your Web site.  To get your articles posted on other Web sites, try article directories such as The Phantom Writers and iSnare.
  • Add "Share This Page" functionality to your Web site:  As people suffer from information overload, they rely more heavily on freinds’ recommendations.  Allow visitors to quickly  "Share This Page" with a friend or colleague.

Try these tips and your Web marketing efforts will be off to the right start in 2006.

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