Jeeves Asks for Retirement LogoAfter long a distinguished service, Jeeves the butler has finally retired and the search site formerly known as AskJeeves has been reborn as  The new site de-emphasizes the old question-oriented search and sports a new, clean look that rivals the vaunted Google in ease of use and relevance of results.

The Web site says:

"After ten years of dutifully serving a growing population of Internet users, Jeeves decided to step down as the face of, and retire in style. Jeeves symbolized a traditional, at-your-service butler which made people feel comfortable and at home with asking any type of question.  [But,] as the web became more of a real-time utility for people, Jeeves’ job dramatically changed."

With Jeeves enjoying the sunshine in Costa Rica or some other warm venue, the search site is stronger than ever.  The new site is more streamlined.  The search-results pages are richer and better organized than Google results.  In addition, the site gives greater priority to content over ads.

While Google has worked its way into the common lexicon as both a noun and a verb, the re-emergence of shows that there still can be challengers, even in a market with such an overwhelming leader.  Whether you are the 900 pound gorilla, a mid-sized chimp or one of the baby monkeys, you continuously need to be improving – there is always someone out there working hard in their garage waiting to dethrone you.

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