High-Flying Ads

JetBlue LogoSchedules, fuel prices, and bankruptcy aren’t the only problems facing established airlines these days.  Their ads miss the mark as well. 

A few examples:

  • Delta:  Ads portray happy people in a happy airport with happy employees.  Anyone who has flown anywhere in the last few years knows this is way off base.
  • United:  Accompanied by George Gershwin (again), United’s animated ads tell people "It’s time to fly."

Lovely, yes, but pure pablum.  It is hard to imagine that these messages resonate with battle-scarred road warriors who have endured the realities of coach in the last few years.

While incumbent carriers like United and Delta portray happy fliers out of a 1960s travel experience, startup airline JetBlue actually tells it like it is and acknowledges how little travelers expect from flying these days in a 60-second "mockumentary" ad. 

Bag Handler:  "When people fly somewhere, they expect their bags to go with them."
Reporter:  "Powerful concept."
Flight Attendant:  "We had just taken off, and a woman asked for a soda.  I gave it to her … with ice."
Reporter:  "So the ice acts as a "chilling agent."

JetBlue gets it.  Their ads show it, and so does their service.  Be sure your ads aren’t as out of sync with reality as the poor folks at United and Delta.

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