Google Turns the Page

Google Page CreatorIn what seems like a never-ending stream of new features and programs, search engine leader Google has just launched another revolutionary service, Google Page Creator, an on-line tool that lets non-techies easily create their own Web pages in a browser and publish them with one click.  While this new product will not supplant Macromedia (now Adobe) Dreamweaver for Web professionals, it will make Web publishing much easier for the masses.

For anyone who has followed Google’s stream of new services, it is no surprise that Google Page Creator is still in beta.  Even so, Google Page Creator is quite powerful:  its WYSIWYG approach to Web page design allows visually-oriented people to easily create and format elements of a page, while automatically saving them for later publishing.  Google Page Creator brings rudimentary Web design to the masses.

What lessons can the rest of us marketers draw from Google’s continual advance?  Simple.  Don’t rest on your laurels.  Listen to your customers.  Design programs that will continuously push the envelope and give them what they want.

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