Google Turning Media Markets Upside Down

OfGoogle Logo course Google’s $434 stock price (as of 26 Jan 2006) isn’t solely based on search.  It’s anchored on the company’s booming ad business.  But Google’s plans are targeted at much more than just ads for search.

In addition to being "King of Search," Google also offers AdSense, the world’s largest online content network into which it serves ads.  AdSense allows Google to place ads on participating Web sites adjacent to content that its powerful software deems is relevant.  If a user clicks on one of the ads, the advertiser pays — the majority goes to Google and the remainder goes to the Web site owner.

While serving text ads is a start, the AdSense technology can be applied to almost any other type of content.  Can images, audio, Flash, video content served by Google through AdSense be far behind?  Watch your favorite Web sites over the next year:  more multimedia content served by Google coming to a browser near you.  With this new foray into rich content, Google is turning the traditional media markets upside down. 

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