Google Sitemaps Speed Site Indexing

Google LogoTo help boost your site’s organic search rankings, be sure to create and submit a site map to Google.  A small XML document, the site map helps ensure that the all-powerful Goolebot can effectively crawl your pages.

Creating a site map is simple.  It is just a UTF-8 encoded text file in XML site map protocol that lists the URLs for your site.  (Example)  For a small site, you can create the file manually, or for larger, more complex sites, you can use the Google Sitemap Generator or a third-party tool.

Once you have your site map file, simply submit it to Google and provide a small amount of additional information about your site.  You can then look at statistics and error information about your site.

Remember, the Web is not a "build it and they will come" phenomenon.  To get the full benefit from this medium, you need to do everything you can to get your site "found."


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