Google Raises Miro Ire

Google LogoSearch engine leader Google today raised the ire of the estate of esteemed artist Joan Miro when it decorated its home page logo with the artist’s signature squiggles and child-like imagery.

In a story of good intentions gone awry, Google tried to honor Miro’s birthday by customizing the Google logo displayed on its Home Page with Miro-like trappings.  Miro’s estate in Paris noticed the Miro-ized Google logo and immediately raised an alarm. The doodle, the estate claimed, distorted Miro’s imagery and violated his intellectual property.  Pshaw …

This incident underscores Google’s already amazing international reach.  From the technorati to the art world, Google is continually changing the face of the Web (and in this case, of art).  As great as this is for us marketing wonks, unfortunately he incident also highlights the short-sightedness of the "guardians" of Miro’s estate.

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