Get Your Brochure On

Your corporate brochure is the king pin of your collateral arsenal:  it sets up the key messages and positioning for all your other marketing documents.  As such, it is probably the most important piece of collateral you will produce.  It must tell a story that is both compelling and credible.  It must explain your vision, your strategy, the strength of your company, and your commitment to quality and service — all in 10-20 pages.

Despite being the most important collateral piece you will produce, your prospects will only take 10-15 seconds to scan your corporate brochure.  So, get to the point.  Your brochure should help your reader answer three questions:  Who is your company?  What do you do?  Why do you do it better than anyone else?  To be effective, you need to answer these questions simply, plainly, convincingly, and quickly.  Your goal is not to dazzle readers with technical minutia, but to make each point and move on.

To ensure your corporate brochure effectively communicates your message to your target audiences — prospects, investors, employees, analysts, and partners — you may want to retain a professional for assistance.  A third-party organization that specializes in corporate brochures and marketing strategy can lend perspective, share industry best practices, and ensure your brochure has the greatest impact.  Retaining a full-service marketing agency to help with your corporate brochure may be the best marketing dollar you spend.

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