Get Tweeting …

What do corporate giants like Dell, IBM, and McDonald’s know that you don’t? Well, lots of things, of course. However, one is that Twitter can help you leverage the power of social networks to reach 1000s of potential clients.

With its brief text messages of 140 characters or less, Twitter boasts more than 75 million users, many of them your potential clients.  You can use Twitter to:

  • Drive direct sales
  • Offer promotions
  • Engage your prospects and clients with your brand

What should you “tweet”?  You can and should broadcast:

  • Sales promotions and weekly specials
  • Giveaways
  • Product reviews
  • Links to your company’s eNewsletter and blog
  • Latest advertisements

Of course, in addition to broadcasting messages, you can use Twitter to gain relevant market research:

  • Search for competitors’ company and product name
  • Query keywords related to your market
  • Ask questions in your tweets:  seek your prospets’ and clients’ opinions on current or potential products or services

Regardless of what you plan to tweet, get started now. Using Twitter to promote your company, build your brand, and engage with your clients and prospects requires no upfront investment except your time.

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