Get Close to Your Customer

All customers – whether they are end-user consumers or enterprises – respond to messages that indicate that a product or service fits their needs – for example, solving a specific problem, advancing their lifestyle or improving a business situation.  By uncovering these customer “hot buttons” and crafting marketing initiatives based on them, marketing executives can dramatically boost marketing effectiveness.

To get to this “holy grail” of customer preferences and opinions and jumpstart marketing effectiveness, you have to become closer to your target customers – and now, by taking advantage of customized research, you can.

Today, experts provide services in a broad range of markets areas and techniques to deliver unique insight on customers’ preferences, objectives, and plans.  With the availability of on-line tools and the growing use of custom marketing research by technology-based enterprises, a wide variety of recruits – the customers whose opinions are so valuable – particiapte in custom research studies. 

This combination of the availability of experts and potential target customers enable you to discover customers’ “pain points,” perceptions, and purchase thresholds.  With this information, you can develop more effective business strategies, deliver successful customer-facing programs and boost bottom line results.

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