Four Ways to Grab Attention Using Social Media

Social media—Facebook, Twitter, and the like—is getting as crowded as traditional marketing channels with marketing messages.  When your clients and prospects are getting bombarded with social content, how can you make your social media marketing messages stand out?

To increase the success of your social media marketing, simply follow these four guidelines:

  • Deliver something different – Instead of the usual hum-drum tweets or Facebook posts, do something different, something informative, or something awe-inspiring.  People are more likely to read and share interesting information than the same-old, same-old.  Draw your prospects and clients in by piquing their curiosity.  Be provocative, start interesting, on-topic discussions, or argue a non-traditional side of an argument.
  • Get personal – Find “hooks” that will appeal to your prospects and clients on a personal level, rather than a business level.  What makes your target audience tick?  Tune in to their discussions and give them back what they need.
  • Up-level your message with multimedia – The old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” is as true in social media as anywhere else.  Show; don’t tell.  Highlight your posts with photos or quick videos.
  • Make an sensory connection – Touch as many senses—sight, sound, smell, taste, hearing—as you can with your social media campaigns.  For example, while browsers don’t (yet) have the ability to convey smell, you can connect with the senses of your prospects or clients by using evocative, descriptive copy.  use adjectives copiously to paint a picture, bring to mind a taste or a smell, or cause an emotion.

By using these few guidelines, you social media campaign will stand out form the crowd.

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