Follow-Up is Key

While we would like to think that our marketing programs can influence our prospects’ buying cycle, the truth is that people will buy when they are ready, not when we want them to.  So, continually being “in front of” your prospects is important.  And, there is no more powerful way to get in front of your prospects than by following up on a contact.

Of course, your mother will tell you that sending a thank you note after an important meeting is polite.  However, not only is following-up on a contact with a prospective client polite, it is critical to your business:  people are more likely to buy from companies they respect and like than ones they do not.

While critical, a follow-up program does not have to be hard.  Here are some easy to implement ideas:

  • Mail a handwritten note after a meeting.  In the blizzard of emails that your prospects receive, your thoughtful, handwritten note will stand out.
  • Email valuable topical information.  Instead of always trying to sell your product or service, position yourself as a thought-leader by providing bits of interesting data about a business topic relevant to your prospect.
  • Drop in a voice mail about an upcoming industry event.

Regardless of how you do it, follow-up is key:  research has shown that companies that institute well conceived and executed follow-up programs close many more deals.

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