Flash Sucks

Macromedia Flash SucksA recent survey of Web users confirms the popular thesis:  Flash sucks.  Consumer responses reinforce the fact that if you have to offer a "Skip Intro" button, you should re-think your site design.

The main reasons consumers think Flash sucks are:

  • Flash pages are not picked up by search engines and mask your site from the search engine rankings
  • Flash pages compromise the efficiency of users’ search for information, substituting a "We will stuff this information down your throat in the order we want you to see it" mentality for the normal "Read about what you want, where you want, when you want" mentality

Of course, Flash can be used sparingly to:

  • Illustrate concepts that require animation for full comprehension
  • Make headers or graphics more interesting
  • Present small non-essential movies, but never for content

Remember, subtle use of Flash is fine, but make sure your fancy graphics don’t get in the way of your visitors.

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