E-Mail Marketing Is Dead?

Using e-mail as a tool to contact and cultivate prospects is old hat for most of us.  However, some pundits declare that e-mail marketing is dead.  Well, the news about the death of e-mail marketing is highly overrated.

While spam filters may be the death knell for mass e-mail marketing, one-to-one e-mail marketing is alive and well.  The effectiveness of your e-mail marketing program depends on the information you have about your target audience and how well you use that information to tailor a targeted message.  The key to e-mail marketing success is the relevance of the message to your prospect.

If your e-mails don’t show that you know your prospect, you risk turning them off.  Permanently.  Super-creative, graphics laden e-mail messages don’t always hit the mark.  Each message that is not relevant to your prospects is one more black mark against you in their book.

To be successful, your e-mail marketing messages must be relevant.  Yes, being relevant is harder, but it is also more effective.  By taking advantage of the unique information you have about your prospects, you can create meaningful communication that is attention-getting, informative, and much more likely to get results.

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