Dove Bets Big with Contrasting Super Bowl Ad

Dove LogoA previous Marketing Matters posting ("Advertising Gets Real"), discussed the current spate of "reality" ads.  In an upcoming Super Bowl ad, beauty products maker Dove continues this trend with an ad that aims to raise girls’ self esteem with the message that real beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.  At $2.4 million for each 30 second spot, this contrasting ad is a big bet.

Part of Dove’s "Campaign for Real Beauty," this ad features girls picked from schools, sports leagues and the Girl Scouts.  In the ad, one dark-haired girl "wishes she were blonde," another "thinks she’s ugly," and a red-haired girl "hates her freckles."

Dove is betting that this "reality" ad will be so unlike the other ads featuring hilarious animals or shocking celebrities that it will really get noticed.  Dove’s bet may serve as a test for using this idea of contrast in your marketing. Of course, a contrasting ad can work both ways – it can help you stand out either positively or negatively.  Tune in to see what the reaction is.

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