Credit VISA with a New Logo

Visa LogoVisa has recently updated the famous blue, white, and gold Visa logo to give it a new look. According to the company, the new Visa logo "represents the growing number of choices offered by Visa payment products and services."  Whether this is true or not, the update is a step forward for the sometimes slow-moving credit card company.

Old Visa LogoIn the new logo, the word "Visa" is much more prominent, and the simple color bars are replaced with a gold "pennant" on the blue typography.  Despite the introduction of the new brand mark, with the profusion of merchants all over the world displaying the Visa decal on their windows, you will continue to see the old logo for quite some time.

The rest of us marketers can take a lesson from Visa:  when choosing your new brand mark, be sure not to make radical changes that will confuse consumers, or you will lose all the brand equity you have been struggling to build over the years.

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