Creating the Buzz

The "buzz."  As marketers, we all know what it is, but few know how to create it.  And even fewer know how to create it inexpensively – a must in the economic downturn.

You can easily create buzz for your company or product with social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.  For businesses, these sites are "electronic water coolers" where potential customers hang out.  And, they give you 24-hour access to your targets, whether across the country or around the world. 

While your company’s Web site is the center of your online presence, social networking sites are the "spokes of the wheel" that bring potential clients in to that center.  The key is having as many "spokes" as possible and in making those "spokes" as effective as can be.  Some of the tools you can use are:

  • Blogs –  On line entries that you create talking about how people can use your product or service.  Add blog posts to your Web site a few times a week to keep people coming back to find out what is new.  Once you have a solid base of posts, create links pointing back to your blog on discussion forums to bring in new readers.
  • Facebook – Create a Facebook group for your company or product.  Join an already existing group relating to your product or service and post inforamtional comments that set you or your comapny up as an expert and bring people back to your site.
  • YouTube – Create and post a product demonstration or informational video about your product or service and link to these videos from your Web site, blog, or Facebook posts.

The caveat in using any of these social networking tools is that you should not overtly be selling:  doing so will turn people off more quickly than they can click the mouse to move on to the next interesting thing.

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