Connect with Customers Using Social Media

Are you making the most of today’s social media tools to connect with your customers?  Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and a blog should all be part of your arsenal to get closer to the people that should be most important to you:  your clients.

The biggest advantage of these social media tools is that they allow direct interaction between your business and your consumers.  You can talk to customers and prospects, find out what they are thinking, what they are buying or not buying, and why.  You can tell customers about new products, announce special sales, poll customers about a change in business practices, and advance your reputation as an expert in your industry.

Moreover, you get these benefits inexpensively:  Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn are totally free.  The only cost is the time it takes you to sign up and maintain your online presence. 

One caveat, consumers don’t want to interact with a nameless, faceless corporation:  they want to connect to a person.  So, rather than blogging or Twittering in the third person in "news release" type language, open up and talk to your customers on the Web just as you would talk to them in person.

So, try social media to boost your online presence.  Chances are that you will be closer to your customers as a result.


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