Coke’s New Ad Campaign Leaves Consumers Snorting with Laughter

Coca-Cola AdAfter years of suffering disappointing sales, taking a drubbing from Pepsi, and enduring a sagging stock price, Coca-Cola needed the "next big thing."  It has placed its hopes on its new ad campaign, "Welcome to the Coke side of life."  Well, the marketing wonks at the giant soft drink company have forgotten that, to many, "coke" is not a beverage, and many consumers are snorting with laughter.

After spending fists full of dollars studying the ad campaigns of other "hip" companies like Apple, all Coca-Cola’s ad agency, outside consultants, and other marketing mavens could come up with is "Welcome to the Coke side of life"?  This new campaign doesn’t hold a candle to Coke’s earlier winning campaigns such as "Coke and a smile" or "The real thing."  It doesn’t communicate Coke’s brand.  It isn’t even catchy.

Instead of looking like a take-off the popular silhouette iPod advertisements, Coke could have really set the market on its ear by doing something novel.  Why not trot out some nostalgic Coke ads from yesteryear?  Tug at the heartstrings.  Bring back some Americana.  Now, that would be different …

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