Blogs are Forever?

Yahoo Small BusinessAttention bloggers.  Your blog entries are not as safe as you think.  Recently, in their infinite wisdom, the yahoos at Yahoo! Web Hosting blew away the entire Markatalyst Web site including all the files that support Marketing Matters.  No thanks to the pitiful "technical support" provided by Yahoo!, but after many hours of work, Marketing Matters is now back on line.

What is the lesson in all this?  Back up your files.  Do it often.  Keep a copy on your own machine. 

Despite all the assurances that your Web hosting provider may give you, you are on your own.  They may have snapshot back-ups – it’s not enough.  They may have technical support  – it’s not enough.  They may have great marketing that touts their bulletproof infrastructure – it’s not enough.

If some acne-scarred adolescent at Yahoo! Web Hosting can blow away the entire Markatalyst Web site and Marketing Matters without even sending a note, they can affect your site and blog too.  Cover yourself – be self-reliant and back-up often.


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